Wing Tip Cutter   /     Mid-Wing Cutter    /     Whole Wing Cutter   

The Wing Tip Cutter performs a guaranteed 92% or better anatomical cut to separate the wing tip. Left and right wing tips are  independently processed to achieve optimal disjointing for subsequent tendon cutting with a stationary blade.

Save Labor with Superior Wing Cuts

Chicken wings are an American classic and one of the most valuable products. Therefore, wing processing continues to be a high-focus area for poultry processors. The precision to achieve high quality and yield while maintaining the flexibility to process various wing products are two challenges that poultry processors face in daily production. The patented BAADER Anatomical Wing Segmenting modules integrate high quality wing cuts into any cut up line to reduce labor caused by secondary handling. When combined with the BAADER ProFlex Cut-Up Line, processors can automatically bypass the wing segmenting units to create various wing products without stopping the lines. 

The Mid-Wing Cutter performs a guaranteed 95% or better anatomical cut to separate the Mid-Wing from the Drumette.  The  Mid-Wing and Wing Tip operations follow the same patented principle and share many common components. 

The Whole Wing Cutter performs a guaranteed 96% or better anatomical cut at the shoulder to create whole wings or drumettes. The industry proven design is the perfect operational choice before the BAADER Breast Deboner 661.

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All guarantees are contingent on qualifying incoming product conditions