The Intelligent Combination of Personnel and Automation
The demand for high quality boneless breast meat is constricted by the diminishing supply of trained personnel to staff manual deboning lines. Labor is a continuous challenge within the poultry industry and the logical solution is automation.

The new BAADER Front Half Deboner 661 is designed to be a direct replacement for the industry standard double-sided manual deboning lines. The machine saves skilled labor by automating complex cutting and scoring processes while keeping our customers directly in control of final product quality and yield. 
Reduced Footprint
When compared to the manual deboning line the BAADER Front Half Deboner 661 saves our customers approximately 20 feet of valuable production space. The machine is specifically designed as a direct replacement for manual deboning lines commonly found in the US market and does not require major production flow changes.
Reduced Staff
Manual deboning lines require significant labor for all cuts in preparation for fillet and tender harvesting. The Front Half Deboner 661 automatically prepares the fillets and tenders for easy and accurate manual harvesting. The 661 only requires eight people to run 70 front halves per minute. It also provides additional space for trainees within a compact footprint.